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Enjoy your privileges as a Priority Banking customer

We all have different priorities.
If world-class personalized service is your priority, our skilled and dedicated
Relationship Manager and excusive banking channels will ensure
you get the attention and expertise you deserve.

Priority Service

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1:1 Wealth Management Service

Your dedicated Relationship Manager supported by qualified product specialists will oversee and manage your total banking relationship with us, always working together to address all your financial priorities.

Ask Once And It's Done Service

Your highly empowered relationship team will endeavor to respond promptly and efficiently to all your banking requests and queries. As a Priority Banking customer all you need to do is ask us once and we'll get onto it.

Exclusive Banking Channels

As a Priority Banking customer you have the advantage of enjoying access to Priority Banking Centers or Priority Banking hotline (1577-7744) for faster and simpler banking services.

Priority Solutions

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Find out about Standard Chartered Bank’s products that provide convenient finance, convenient transaction, privileged pricing and higher returns.

Priority Benefits

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Privileged Pricing and Fee Waivers

Refer to your Relationship Manager for privileged pricing and fee waivers.

SCBK compliance review no. W293 as of Oct. 15, 2013

Please be advised that

- Eligibility criteria apply for membership to the Priority Banking program. Your admission to Priority Banking is at our

- Not all products, benefits and services under Priority Banking may be available in all countries and are subject to
  local regulations. We may vary or withdraw these services at any time.

- You can find out the current services available to you by contacting your Relationship Manager, via phone banking,
  visiting our branches or from the Standard Chartered Bank website in your country.

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