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Bancassurance is the French compound of Banque and Assurance. Bancassurance is the selling of insurance products by banks. We established our bancassurance business with selected global and local insurance partners in September 2003

Our Insurance Partners

Our Insurance Partners
  Insurance partners
Life insurance Tongyang, Miraeasset, Samsung, Hanwha, Heungkuk, AIA, BNP Paribas cardif, DB, Shinhan, Kyobo, Kyobo lifeplanet, IBK, Hana
Non-life insurance DB, KB, Lotte, Samsung, Hanwha, Hyundai, Ace

Our Bancassurance Products

Our Bancassurance Products
  Bancassurance Products
Life insurance Saving, Fixed term endowment, Annuity, Annuity for tax deductible, Variable Universal Life, Variable Annuity, Payment Protection Insurance, Medical & Health
Non-life insurance Accident & Health, Property damage

Non-Korean citizens

  • Unfortunately, documentation related to insurance products is written in Korean
  • For more information about insurance product, kindly contact 1577-7744 or visit one of our branches.

Life Insurance Products

Life insurance provides protection in the event that a person is unexpectedly injured or loses his/her life, in the form of an insurance payout and other compensation payments to the insured. Examples include life insurance (e.g. annuities, savings insurance, education insurance), death insurance (end of life Insurance, fixed-term insurance), health insurance, etc.

Non-life Insurance Products

Non-life insurance protects against monetary losses due to specific unexpected events. Examples include accident/sickness insurance (e.g. health insurance), property insurance and others.

Guide to Buying Insurance

Instead of making a purchase through an insurance salesperson, bancassurance can be purchased in the same way as a deposit, i.e. by going up to a bank teller window, choosing the product that you want and making your purchase immediately. In addition to insurance, our comprehensive range of products also includes deposits, loans and investments. We can offer the right solutions for your needs based on your goals, finances and risk appetite.

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