Remittance list
Transaction Type Fees(Won) Comment
Remittance Intra Bank Remittance Fee ≤0.1M KRW -
0.1M KRW< ≤1M KRW 0
>1M KRW 0
Inter Bank Remittance Fee ≤0.1M KRW 600 Cash Transfer Limit : 0.5BN KRW
50 % reduction Fee

① Under 18 ages
② National Basic Livelihood Security Act
③ disabled person

0.1M KRW< ≤1M KRW 2,000
>1M KRW 3,000
Auto-transfer service applied by the payer 300 Paid by the service applicant
SMS notification fee Personal Client Unlimited KRW 900/month Clients can choose from [unlimited] and [pay per use] for their plan
Pay per use service KRW 20/text
Corporate Client Unlimited ₩900/month (50 messages/month) + ₩20/text for each additional text
Pay per use service KRW 20/text
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