Collect list
Transaction Type Category Fee (KRW) Comment
Inward remittance domestic   10,000 Exemption for less than USD $100
overseas   10,000
Cheque KRW cheque collection   1,000  
FCY cheque collection Documentary   Amount X 0.1% KRW 10,000 (minimum) ~ KRW 30,000 (maximum)
Clean credit USD100 or less 5,000 postal fee separately charged
USD500 or less 10,000
USD1,000 or less 15,000
over USD1,000 20,000
Purchase of FCY cheque   10,000
Bills in custody Bills in custody – safekeeping   2,000 (per sheet) KRW 50,000 (maximum)
Bills in custody - return   2,000 (per sheet) KRW 30,000 (maximum)
Cash Pick up Service   at cost  


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