Fees for teller remittance list
Transaction Type Category Fee (KRW) Comment
KRW remittance Fund transfer within the Bank   None  
Fund transfer to another bank – via counter KRW 100,000 or less 600  
over KRW 100,000, KRW 1,000,000 or less 2,000
over KRW 1,000,000 3,000
BoK payment reserve transfer   3,000 via BOK wire
FCY remittance Overseas remittance USD2,000 or less 7,000 Telegraphic charge of KRW8,000 separately charged
USD4,000 or less 10,000
USD6,000 or less 12,000
USD8,000 or less 15,000
USD10,000 or less 18,000
USD20,000 or less 20,000
USD40,000 or less 25,000
over USD 40,000 30,000
Domestic FCY fund transfer USD 10,000 or less 5,000
over USD 10,000 10,000


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