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Standard Chartered/SC제일은행Standard Chartered/SC제일은행

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Mobile Banking
Easiest way to meet SC Bank

Service Information

Safe and Easy Experience SC Mobile Banking

  • Certificate Login
  • Id Login
    • ID
Instant Login
Fingerprint Login
Conveniently check Deposit/Withdrawal
Push Message

Sending certificate from PC
to Smartphone

Sending certificate from Smartphone
to PC

Issue Digital Certificate to Mobile Banking

아래내용 참조 아래내용 참조
  1. 01.Service and Settings < Manage certificate < (Re)issuance of certificate
  2. 02.Enter Personal ID Number, Account Number, PW
  3. 03.Check [Agree] after reading the stipulations
  4. 04.Enter phone number and Email address
  5. 05.Further authentication if required (ARS or SMS authentication)
  6. 06.Enter OTP code or security card number
  7. 07.Enter certificate PW and issuance process will be completed

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