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Standard Chartered/SC제일은행

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Financial Index
Brand promise of SC Bank is the best financial partner in Korea.

Financial KPIs

(Unit : KRW 100 million, %)
Rating Reports
Classification 2020 3Q 2019 3Q
Assets quality SBL(Substandard and below loans) 1,538 2,068
SBL Ratio 0.34% 0.52%
Profitability Return on asset(ROA) 0.28% 0.46%
Return on equity(ROE) 5.28% 7.56%
Net Interest Margin(NIM) 1.25% 1.42%
Interest Spread 1.72% 1.84%
Liquidity Liquidity coverage ratio 1) 106.26% 107.56%
Liquidity coverage ratio in foreign currency 2) 131.31% 99.48%
  1. Note 1) Liquidity coverage ratio is calculated by averaging the liquidity coverage ratios on every business day during the period.
  2. Note 2) Liquidity coverage ratio in FCY is calculated by dividing the average balance of HQLA and by the average balance of net cash outflows on every business day during the period.

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