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Standard Chartered/SC제일은행Standard Chartered/SC제일은행

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Matters to be Attended

  • Available time for Subscription: Business Day 09:30~16:30(Unavailable on Sat. and Sun)
  • For customers above the age of 70, it is recommended they visit the branch and consult with a specialist.
  • For customers who subscribed through online banking and want to have bank book for that, they must visit the nearest branch with personal identification(Certificate of Residence, Driving License) and legal seal.
  • In case of Account Termination or Redemption, redeemed money would be deposited in the first account which was opened for the first subscription. In order to transfer redeemed money to other accounts, one must visit the nearest branch and get new bank book and change the account.
  • Fund product is not protected by the law and investors may lose their money based on market movement and fund management. The profit or loss derived from the invested products is all responsibility of the investor.
  • Please be advised that customers should read carefully in the prospectus for information on how to purchase and/or redeem products and about the diverse fees for fund management.
  • Products based in foreign currency could result in a loss based on the movement of the foreign exchange rate.

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