Trade Pricing List - Local L/C
Charge Description Pricing Remarks
Local L/C Issuance L/C opening charge 0.10% (per 3 months) Minimun KRW10,000
Amendment L/C amendment charge KRW8,000 (per transaction) Minimum KRW10,000 in case of amendment for amount increase, tenor extention 0.1% per every 3 months
Local L/C Negotiation Negotiation Interest 3MCD+2.5% Local L/C in KRW, Minimum KRW8,000
nego rate(p.a)+0.5% Local L/C in FCY, Minimum KRW8,000
Negotiation handling fee KRW10,000 (per transaction)  
Discrepancy rate nego rate+0.5%  
Collection Collection fee Amount * 0.1% Maximum KRW30,000, Minimum KRW10,000
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