Trade Pricing List - Import
Charge Description Pricing Remarks
Import Letters of Credit Issuance Term Charge 0.25% (every 3months)
  • For L/C Issuance, Minimum KRW15,000
  • If L/C is issued with the condition that makes allowance for 10% of the L/C amount, fees are collected on the face value of the L/C
  • for import of raw materials 0.17% (every 3months)
Telegraphic charge for Sight L/C Issuance KRW20,000 (per transaction)
  • If L/C issuing via EDI, 30% of the telegraphic charge is waived.
Telegraphic charge for Usance L/C Issuance KRW30,000 (per transaction)
Telegraphic charge for Special L/C Issuance KRW40,000 (per transaction)
  • Stand-by L/C, AP-Bond, Bid-Bond, P-Bond, internationally transferrable L/C etc
  • If L/C issuing via EDI, 30% of the telegraphic charge is waived.
Amendment Amendment Charge KRW 10,000 (per handling) In case of Increment, Term Extension, 0.25% (every 3months), Minimum KRW15,000
Other amendment, KRW10,000
Telegraphic charge for L/C Amendment KRW10,000  
Settlement and Acceptance Settlement Charge USD130 The same conditions for Shippers & Domestic Usance shall apply
Acceptance Charge 0.40% (every 3 months) Minimum KRW 15,000
Related Discrepancy Fees USD80  
Import Bills for Collection Import Bill Clearing Fee 0.2% Minimum KRW 10,000
* In case, clearing import bills marked in Won
Collection handling charges USD120 D/P, D/A, LC Remittance basis
Letter of Shipping Guarantee Fees for Issuance of L/G KRW10,000 (per handling)  
Letter of Guarantee fee (hereafter L/G fee) 3% p.a Minimum KRW 10,000
Others Telegraphic charge for Enquiry message KRW10,000  
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