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Standard Chartered/SC제일은행

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360° rewards
Point accrues every month based on your transaction with the bank To make your transaction with the bank more convenient, we provide you with an array of fee waiver benefits specific to each grade


Point Accumulation

360'reward points are accumulated every month based on your banking transaction.

Basic Points
(Per an average
deposit balance
of 200,000 KRW) 1)
Special Points
Subscribing to automatic payroll deposit2)
First PB 3 Points 150 Points/month
Premium 1 Point
Personal -


  1. Points are accumulated on transactions through free withdrawal/deposit accounts, installment savings, fixed time deposits (more than 12 months), structured deposits, beneficiary certificates and bancassurance products( DoDream/DoDream2U/my wallet/my premium/my simple/my plus account/MMDA/ trust product are excluded from the point accumulation services). Points are accumulated based on previous month’s average balance on every 10th day of each month. If the point accumulation date falls on a holiday, points are accumulated on the following business day. Beneficiary certificates and Bancassurance products whose subscription period not exceeding 3 years only are subject to the point accumulation services.
  2. Since the 18th January 2010, it has been applied that points are accumulated only when more than 700,000 KRW are transferred for 3 consecutive months after the registration of a new payroll account, and the points are accumulated on a monthly basis.
  • Maximum basic points are 30,000 (per month)

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