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Standard Chartered/SC제일은행Standard Chartered/SC제일은행

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A hotline that enables access to rich financial information and services at all times


You can use services such as money transfer, bank transaction/balance inquiry, loss/theft report, and loan inquiry via a phone call from your home or office without having to visit the bank.

Target clients All clients who have SC Bank accounts
Service Number 1577-7744
Service Contents Money transfer (Remittance) : Transfer to SC Bank or other banks, scheduled transfer within 3 months, cash advance transfer for credit card
Inquiry Service Deposit balance, transaction statement of BC Card, banker's check, exchange rates, loan interest, and etc.
Report Lost/Stolen Report lost/stolen passbook, registered seal, card, etc.
Notification Service Exchange rate, deposit and withdrawal statement, verification for remittance
Service User Information Initialize and change password, terminate service, deregister withdrawal account
Transfer Service Submit an application at a nearby branch to use our Telebanking service and enroll your password for Telebanking via phone call within 3 business days of the application, including the application day.

Telebanking service may be limited to calls from payphones, caller ID-blocked phones and calls from outside Korea.

Transfer Limit

Transfer Limit
Type Grade1
(OTP: One Time Password)
(SMS+Security Card)
(Security Card)
Approval limit(☞) Normal limit
Internet Banking
(Mobile Banking)
Individual Per Case Up to 1,000 million Up to 100 million Up to 50 million Up to 10 million
Per Day Up to 10,000 million Up to 500 million Up to 250 million Up to 50 million
Corporation Per Case Up to per day limit Up to 500 million    
Per Day Up to approval limit Up to 5,000 million    
Telebanking Individual Per Case Up to 100 million up to 50 million Up to 20 million Up to 5 million
Per Day Up to 1,000 million Up to 250 million Up to 100 million Up to 5 million
Corporation Per Case Up to 100 million Up to 100 million    
Per Day Up to 1,000 million Up to 500 million    
  • Bring your passbook or debit card, seal(signature), and verification of your identity to one of our branches to apply for a security card.
  • Account for withdrawal : you can deposit into or withdraw from the account at your convenience.

Other Service

- Anyone can use the service without submitting a separate application.

How to Activate Your Password For Telebanking Upon Initiation

  • 011577 - 7744
  • 02Service code (512)
  • 03Resident registration no. #
  • 04User number #
  • 05Telebanking PIN #
  • 06Re-enter PIN #
  • 07Input security card code or OPT card code
  • 08Registration complete

How to Use Transfer Service

  • 011577 - 7744
  • 02Service code for transfer to SC bank (211),other banks (212)
  • 03User number #
  • 04Telebanking PIN #
  • 05Withdrawal account no.
  • 06Passbook PIN
  • 07Transfer amount #, 1
  • 08Other service (When transferring to other banks)
  • 09Receiving account no.
  • 10Telephone no. #(When transferring to other banks)
  • 11Security card code or OPT cardcode
  • 12Other service *

Benefits of Telebanking Service

  • You can save your time and transaction fee.
  • Telebanking is available outside business hours of the bank.

Confirmation Process for Telebanking Service

Telebanking involves a multi-step cross-checking process to protect assets of our client assets.

  • Check User number (given by the bank)
  • Check Telebanking password (given by the client)
  • Check password for passbook and card
  • Designate an account for deposit : If you designate an account for deposit, deposits cannot be made to other accounts.
  • Check transfer limit : Money transfer can not exceed the limit set by the customer. The security card and OTP card enhance security in money transfer.
  • Please be careful not to expose the Telebanking password. For secure transactions, change the password on a frequently.

Service Hours

  • Transfer and loss/theft report: 24 hours(except for system maintenance hours)

Mosaic Bank ARS(1577-7744) Service Code

Mosaic Bank ARS(1577-7744) Service Code
Service Type Service Code
Inquiry Account Deposit inquiry service 111
Withdrawal 112
Balance 114
Transfer Result 116
Check Check issued by SC Bank 121
Credit card Settlement inquiry 913
Settlement account no. 913
Cash Advance details 915
Usage on current month details 917
Foreign exchange F/X rate 141
F/X deposit interest rate 142
Money Transfer Money transfer to SC Bank 211
Money transfer to other banks 212
Report Lost/Stolen Lost passbook report 311
Lost debit/cash card report 312
Lost credit card report 911
Telebanking password Resister telebanking password 512
Change telebanking password 513

Note : Telebanking service(especially transfer) would be ceased if you do not register TELEBANKING PIN NUMBER in 3 business days after applying at the branch.

SC Bank Telebanking Service TEL : 1577-7744

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