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Standard Chartered/SC제일은행Standard Chartered/SC제일은행

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Banking at your doorstep
Zero-distance to bank! Wherever you are, the bank will be at your service.SC bank’s ‘Banking at your doorstep’

Service introduction

From financial consultation to product subscription, customers no longer need to visit SC bank branches, as SC bank staffs will visit you directly.

How to apply for ‘Banking at your doorstep’ service

  1. 01.Apply for service
    Apply for consultation via internet or phone
  2. 02.Customer Consultation
    Confirm the application with a customer contact center staff and make an appointment
  3. 03.Send staff information
    Send a picture and a brief summary of the visiting staff’s profile via SMS
  4. 04.Confirm visit date
    Consult with a staff Confirm visit date
  5. 05.Staff visit

View available products

My wallet account, My plus account, Jae-Il EZ account, Do Dream account, My simple account, My premium account, High-end account
First fixed deposit, First family installment savings
Loan payment by installment for small businesses (BIL consultation), Drim Loan, Drim Loan Bulk, New Heemang Holssi2, First Home Loan
Credit/Check card ※ Service is not provided for all products. For further information on available products, ask the staff during the consultation stage.

See available areas

6 Metropolitan cities
All areas (Some areas excluded, such as: Ganghwa-gun, Ongjin-gun)
All areas
All areas (Some areas excluded, such as: Gapyeong-gun, Anseong-si, Yangpeong=gun, Yeoju-gun, Ichon-si, Pyeongtaek-si, Yongin-si, Siheung-si, Ansan-si)
Gyeongbuk area
Gyeongsan-si, Gumi-si, Chilgok-gun, Pohang-si
Jeolla, Chongcheong area
Gunsan-si, Iksan-si, Jeonju-si, Hongseong-gun, Cheonan-si, Cheongju-si (Some areas excluded)
Gyeongnam area
Gimhae-si, Yangsan-si, Changwon-si (Some areas excluded, such as: Jinhae-si)


Service may not be provided for some products or areas. For further information, ask the staff during the consultation stage.

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