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Standard Chartered/SC제일은행Standard Chartered/SC제일은행

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Inquiry Membership Service
If you have an account or a credit card, inquire your information by logging in with ID/PW.

Inquiry Membership Service

If you select your resident registration number, you can inquire your account information without digital certificate.
If you select i-Pin, several services are restricted. Choose the way of identification.

Resident registration no. i-Pin no.

Customers who meet the necessaries as below are allowed to subscribe.

  • Customers who have an CASA account
    (CASA account : XXX-10.20.30-XXXXXX)
  • Customers who have a loan account(identification by digital certificate)
    (Loan account : XXX-73-XXXXXX)
  • Customers who have a credit(check) card

Available Service Type

  • Account inquiry (deposit, fund)
  • Application and execution of pre-approved loan
  • Card inquiry, application and execution of card loan.
  • Please visit our branches if you need to use various services(remittance, application, inquiry, bill payment and etc.) without any restrictions.
  • If you subscribe in Inquiry Membership Service, you can see your money on your mobile.

Service Hours

  • Subscription for those who have an account : weekday 24hrs (not available during settlement operation hour)
  • Subscription for those who have a credit card : weekday 08:00 ~ 22:00
  • unavailable weekends and bank holidays

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