Deposit list
Transaction Type Category Fee Comment
Chequebook (Personal & Business) Personal Chequebook (with checks in 100,000 KRW denomination) 10,000 KRW per book 20 cheques per book
Promissory Notes 10,000 KRW per book 10 cheques per book
Chequebook 10,000 KRW per book 20 cheques per book
Chequebook in English 10,000 KRW per book 50 cheques per book
Business Chequebook (English, Korean) Printing cost + 1,500 KRW as handling charge 50 cheques per book
Certificates Certificate of Bank Balance 2,000 KRW per copy  
Bank Statement
Bill payment certificate
Re-issuance Fee Passbook/Certificates 2,000 KRW per copy  
Cheque issuance Fee Standard Cheques (in pre-determined denominations) 0 KRW per copy  
Cheques (free to define your coinage denomination) 300 KRW per copy  
Dishonored cheque handling charge Notification of dishonored cheque 5,000 KRW per copy  
Dishonored cheque due to insufficient balance or low transaction history 10,000 KRW per copy  
Safekeeping Service Fee Safekeeping Securities 1,000,000 KRW or below 0  
Every 1,000,000 KRW worth asset 0
Safekeeping physical assets 0
Holding charges for cheques/bills Holding charges for cheques/bills 2,000 per copy Max. Fee up to 50,000  
When a holding bill/cheque was returned unpaid 2,000 KRW per copy Max. Fee up to 30,000  
Late payment charges Checking account 3,000 per account  
Credit history check For personal checking account opening 50,000 per account  
Re-issuance of Cash (Debit) cards Cash(Debit) cards 2,000 KRW Per copy  
Cashing in of bills/cheques   1,000 KRW Per copy  
Registering the right of pledge over assets   5,000 KRW Per copy  
Name changes   5,000 KRW Per customer
Perusing Slip (Documents)   5,000 KRW Per copy Per copy Max Fee up to 20,000  
Accident Report   1,000 KRW Per copy  
Commission received on counter usage(e-click passbook only)   1,000 Per copy  
Safety Deposit Box Service
Safety Deposit Box Service List
Type 1 2 3 4 5
Guarantee money 300,000 300,000 300,000 300,000 300,000
Fee 0 0 0 0 0
Commissions on Electronic Bills Commissions on drawing 1,000 KRW Per copy  
Commissions on endorsing 1,500 KRW Per copy  
Commissions on guarantee 1,500 KRW Per copy  
Commissions on presentment for payment 2,500 KRW Per copy  
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