Deposit list
Transaction Type Category Fee (KRW) Comment
Chequebook Chequebook for KRW 10,000 (per book) 20 cheques per book
Chequebook for FCY 10,000 (per book) 50 cheques per book
Business Chequebook (English, Korean) Actual printing cost + KRW 1,500 as handling charge 50 cheques per book
Banker's cheque Banker’s cheque issuance fee – fixed amount None  
Banker’s cheque issuance fee - general 300 (per cheque)  
Dishonored cheque handling charge Fee for handling dishonouring of cheque – dishonour due to receipt of report on fraud/incident 5,000 (per cheque)  
Fee for handling dishonouring of cheque – dishonour due to insufficient balance / no transaction 10,000 (per cheque)  
Encashment fee before clearing (KRW, FCY) 1,000  
Electronic Bills Electronic bill issuance fee 1,000  
Fee for endorsement / guarantee for electronic bill 1,500 Waived for transcation amount equal or less than KRW50,000
Fee for presentment for payment for electronic bill 2,500
Safekeeping Service Fee for separate safekeeping- sealed safekeeping 15,000  
Fee for separate safekeeping- open safekeeping
(securities, deposit account, instrument issued by SCBK)
up to KRW 1,000,000 5,000 Standard fee
per KRW 1Mn 500 up to KRW 40,000
Fee for report on fraud / incident 1,000  
Fee for pledge establishment 5,000  
Passbook reissuance fee 2,000  
Fee for name transfer 5,000 per customer
Fee for delay in settlement 3,000  
Certificate issuance Bank letter 2,000 (per copy)  
Transaction statement
Other certificates
Provision of financial transaction information 2000 (per copy)  
Agency fee for payment of principal and interest of a loan 30,000 (per handling)  
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