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Here for Good
Brand promise of SC Bank is the best financial partner in Korea.

Here for Good

It’s our new brand promise. Though in reality, It’s our oldest belief. It’s what we’ve been doing for the past 150 years, and our aim for the next.

To be here for people. Here for progress. Here for the long run. Here for good.

  • Here for people

    We’ve built our business by building relationships.
    And by focusing on our clients' needs, we’ve served our own. So our strategy is simple: focus on what’s important, not what’s merely profitable. And nothing is more important than our people, and the people we work for. We've taken this approach around the world, for businesses as diverse as the markets in which we operate.
    Because it’s not just a question of what we do, but who we're doing it for.

  • Here for progress

    We know that the best investments are those that can benefit everyone.
    That’s why we’re committed to setting the highest standards for our partners and ourselves. It’s not an obligation. It’s an opportunity - an opportunity to do the right thing for the people we’ve come to know. From community programmes to our choice of corporate partners, the only way to proceed is to move forward, together.

  • Here for the long run

    For over 150 years, we’ve been making sure the world’s rising markets continue to rise. We’re connecting the world by using new techniques to create new possibilities.
    We’ve led the way without leaving anyone behind. And what’s more important than our global reach is the local knowledge it’s built on.

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