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Internet banking registration and user process

Our bank provides Internet banking service to the customers who have fulfilled the following conditions.

SC Bank provides internet banking service to the customers who have fulfilled the following process. Do you have a stand Chartered Bank bankbook? no → Open a new deposit account at one of branches bring your resident registration card. passbook or cash card, and registered seal or signature. Use our inquiry service.(Only available to individuals) →  connect to the SC Bank website
→ Click 'certificate center' → Issue Certificate (inquiry purpose) Register with the internet banking inquiry service yes → would you like to use transfer(remittance) service? yes
→ Register for internet banking service at one of our branches -fill out the internet banking application form. bring your resident registration card, passbook or cash card, registered seal or signature Receive security card(or OTP) Only the person himself/herself can register *Representatives are not permitted except for corporate clients. connect to the SC Bank website click 'Certificate center' If you have registered for online banking transfer service at one of our branches, register the transfer password and public certificate within three business days. choose Issue public certificate click '(re)issue certificate' Register your ID/PW Registration of other institution's certificate For clients who have issued certificates from other banks. Verify these certificates, and register with our bank. Register your ID/PW → Internet Banking Log-in Input certificate password and confirm

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